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Dermalogica Skin Care

Dermalogica's story begins in 1986, when the founders of The International Dermal Institute (the postgraduate training facility for skin care professionals) decided to do something about the serious lack of results-driven products on the market.

Researched and developed by The International Dermal Institute, Dermalogica shocked the market by refusing to use artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, S.D. alcohol, lanolin or mineral oil – all of which were industry favorites due to their low cost, despite links to numerous skin problems that were well understood. They also went a step further, insisting that all Dermalogica skin care professionals had to meet the highest level of training and expertise, ensuring that consumers could get reliable consultations about their skin concerns without falling prey to the hype and faddism that dominates the skin care industry.

Dermalogica's commitment to professional skin care continues today with its no-nonsense packaging, emphasis on skin care education and dedication to formulating products that deliver results, not ridiculous claims.

Dermalogica is the skin care system researched and developed by The International Dermal Institute. Known worldwide as the "professionals' choice," Dermalogica is founded on the belief that good skin care is not about pampering or luxury...any more than brushing your teeth or washing your hair is!


All about performance. In skin care, synthetic fragrances and artificial colors are known for easily irritating the skin, interfering with a product’s performance. Fortunately, Dermalogica is so serious about helping individuals attain and maintain healthy skin that it sticks to superior ingredients and avoids unnecessary fillers and fragrances. That’s why Dermalogica makes it easy to build an effective and gentle routine. To start, try the lightweight cleansing oil Dermalogica Precleanse. Formulated with kukui nut, borage seed and rice bran oils, it helps eliminate sebum and dirt from skin’s surface. Follow up with Dermalogica Essential Cleansing Solution, a creamy cleanser that’s great for dry skin. This mild formula contains safflower oil to naturally soften and condition skin while vitamins C and E smooth and brighten. Infused with extracts of rosemary and lemon, this cleanser also acts as a gentle astringent to rejuvenate worn-out skin. Dermalogica Active Moist is a deeply hydrating cream that rescues chronically dry skin by replenishing moisture, soothing the skin and shielding it from the environment.


Focused formulas. Dermalogica also offers specialized skin care treatments that target skin’s toughest challenges. Dermalogica MediBac Clearing Adult Acne Treatment kit is an essential collection of high-performing products that work together to defeat adult acne from the inside out. To address signs of aging, Dermalogica AGE Smart Multivitamin Power Firm is a powerful treatment that effectively combats the stubborn contours and lines that form around the eyes. Like all Dermalogica’s products, this formula is packed with high-quality, natural ingredients, like vitamins A, C and E, that promote skin’s own healing processes.

Beyond the basics. In addition to outstanding products that effectively treat acne and aging, Dermalogica also features sophisticated formulas that help skin look its best. To smooth and refine your complexion, Dermalogica AGE Smart Multivitamin Thermafoliant contains a unique self-heating technology that delivers active ingredients deep within the skin. For gentle daily exfoliation, Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant features Dermalogica’s signature Skin Brightening Complex to even out skin tone, along with a blend of green tea, ginkgo and colloidal oatmeal to ease inflammation.

Dermalogica Power Rich (968K) & Daily Resurfacer (170K)


There are certain ingredients that DERMALOGICA avoids using in their formulations. Although commonly used in skin care, DERMALOGICA has chosen to select alternatives to the following- ingredients:

NO MINERAL OIL: A greasy petroleum by-product. Inert and stable, and very basic to formulate with. Leaves a heavy after-feel an the skin, and has no skin benefits, DERMALOGICA. Used instead lighter vegetable oils, rich in essential fatty acids.

NO LANOLIN: A lubricant derived from sheep wool fat. Causes allergic reactions and is comedogenic. Recent studies, reported in January 1989, in the Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times show it to be often contaminated with dangerous pesticides. The F.D.A. is investigating. DERMALOGICA uses silk amino acids and vegetable squalane as alternative lubricants.

NO S.D. ALCOHOL: Used commonly in many products for oily and acne skin conditions, Severely drying to the skin. Strips both oil and moisture from the skin surface. DERMALOGICA, uses naturally astringent extracts and oil-absorbing clays to treat oily skin problems.

NO ARTIFICIAL FRAGRANCE: Causes irritation and allergic reactions. Fragrance is "photosensitive," and will cause pigmentation problems in sunlight DERMALOGICA uses naturally fragrant ingredients 'like herbal extracts and aromatic plant oils.

NO ARTIFICIAL COLOUR: Coal Tar based cosmetic colours are very comedogenic. Can also cause sensitivity in some skin types. DERMALOGICA does not colour their products, but allows the natural colour of the ingredients to determine the finished product colouration.

NO FORMALDEHYDE: A commonly used preservative. Banned in Japan and several European countries. Very drying and irritating to the skin and mucous membranes. The National Cancer Institute recommended in 1983 that formaldehyde be investigated for carcinogenic effects (cancer causing). - DERMALOGICA uses food grade preservatives and natural Vitamin E as an anti-oxidant in their formulations.

NON-COMEDOGENIC: Many common ingredients are very comedogenic and actually cause skin breakouts. Among these are isopropyl myristate, D & C red dyes and lanolins. DERMALOGICA avoids these ingredients, and the products are non-comedogenic:

CONTAMINATION-FREE PACKAGING: Products that are packaged in jars are easily contaminated with bacteria from either the hands or the environment. DERMALOGICA packages all of its products in the most hygienic containers, to avoid contact contamination during application and use.

Skin Care Products Comparison
for the educated consumer

Is your face aging before its time?
Could these ingredients be the reason why?

Mary Kay

Cleansing Cream Formula 1
Mineral oil, petrolatum, fragrance
Skin Freshener Formula 2
SD Alcohol, artificial colors
Night Cream Formula
Mineral oil, petrolatum, fragrance, artificial colors


Super Night Cream
Mineral oil
Visible Change Moisture Lotion
Mineral oil, collagen
Skin Toner
SD alcohol, artificial colors

Merle Norman

Cleansing Lotion
Mineral oil, petrolatum, lanolin, animal products
SD alcohol, fragrance, colors
Moisture Emulsion
Mineral oil, fragrance, lanolin, alcohol

Erno Laszlo

Active pHelilyl Oil
Mineral oil, BHA, fragrance
Light controlling Lotion
SD40 alcohol, fragrance
Light controlling Lotion
SD40 alcohol, fragrance
PHelilyl Replenishing Eye Cream
Petrolatum, BHA, mineral oil, C12-15 alcohol, octanoate


Skin Refiner-Soothing Cream Cleanser
Mineral oil, benzyl alcohol, color
Mulit Moisture
Animal proteins, collagen
Skin Balancer


Gentle Nite Revitalizing Cream
Mineral oil, benzyl Alcohol, color
Multi Moisture
Animal proteins, collagen
Skin Balancer


SD40 alcohol, FD&C yellow #6, FD&C blue #1
Foaming Gel Wash
Non Oxynol 15, sodium EDTA
Proteinized Cleanser
Petrolatum, lanolin, fragrance, color
Herbal Refresher
SD Alcohol, fragrance, color
Proteinized Moisturizer
Lanolin, petrolatum, fragrance, color


Light & lovely Cleansing Lotion
Mineral oil, petrolatum, lanolin, lanolin alcohol, artificial fragrance
Facial Cocktail Skin Freshener
SD alcohol, fragrance, artificial colors


Extremely Gentle Cleansing Cream
Mineral oil, petrolatum, lanolin, artificial colors
Clarifying Lotion 3
SD alcohol, acetone, artificial colors
Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
Mineral oil, lanolin, petrolatum, colors.


NaPCA Moisture Cream
Human placental extract, hyaluronic acid, fragrance, arachidylpropioanate
Rejuvenating Cream
Human placental extract, hyaluroncic acid, quaternary ammonium compounds
Intensive Eye Complex
Avian collagen

Elizabeth Arden Millenium

Hydrating Cleanser
Mineral oil, artificial colors, artificial fragrance
Revitalizing Toner
SD alcohol, fragrance
Night Renewal Cream
Mineral oil, lanolin, fragrance, alcohol

Revlon-Ultima II

Extraordinary Lotion Cleanser
Mineral oil, lanolin, alcohol, hydrolyzed animal protein, fragrance; colors (blue, yellow, green)
Extraordinary Firming Toner
SD alcohol, collagen, hydrolyzed animal protein, fragrance, color
Moisture Lotion Concentrate '
Lanolin, alcohol, collagen, hydrolyzed animal protein, fragrance

Estee Lauder

Tender Cream Cleanser
Mineral oil-fragrance
Mild Action Protection Tonic
SD alcohol, fragrance, colors
Skin Perfecting Creme
Collagen; serum protein; fragrance
Swiss Performing. Extract
Animal products, lanolin; mineral oil, lanolin, alcohol, fragrance


Moisture Rich Cleanser
Mineral oil, petrolatum, artificial color, fragrance
Moisture Rich Toning Lotion 3
Moisture Rich Conditioning Cream
Artificial color, fragrance

Fashion Fair

Deep Cleansing Lotion
Mineral oil, lanolin, fragrance
Deep Pore Astringent
SD alcohol, fragrance, artificial color
Moisture Lotion
Mineral Oil, lanolin, fragrance, color


Cleanser Gelatee’
Mineral oil
Tonique Fraicheur
Artificial color red #4, yellow #6 fragrance, alcohol-9%
Hydrix (Moisturizer)
Mineral oil, lanolin, petrolatum, fragrance

Christian Dior

Hydra Dior Cleansing Emulsion
Mineral Oil, fragrance
Stimulating Lotion
Alcohol, color, fragrance, collagen


Facial Cleansing Cream
Mineral Oil, petrolatum, fragrance, beeswax
Facial Soothing Lotion
Fragrance, iron oxides
Facial Moisturizing Lotion
Alcohol, petrolatum, fragrance

La Prairie

Essential Purifying Gel
Cellular Skin Conditioner
Acetylated lanolin, mineral oil, animal products, fragrance