Palestine's first true full-service day spa!

Cocoon Wellness Pod

The Cocoon Wellness Pro is a personalized dry heat sauna/vibration massage system designed for full body comfort and relaxation. The Cocoon POD includes both infrared (IR) and traditional dry (sauna) heat features. While your body lies comfortably inside the Cocoon chamber, your head remains outside for your comfort and enjoyment of the session. In addition, an adjustable stream of cool air is at your fingertips for keeping your face and neck comfortable.

Cocoon sessions help create the perfect relaxation experience for renewing calm, rejuvenating meditation and other "mindfulness" benefits.

RELAXATION: Experience calm, profound relaxation & stress relief.

WELLNESS: Pain relief, better sleep, enhanced health, energy and flexibility.

FITNESS: Boosts fitness, heat acclimation, endurance, strength, and flexibility.

WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: Helps you burn more calories during workouts, increases sweat and cleanse, suppresses appetite.

POWER NAP: 30-minute powerful and refreshing naps to boost mental acuity and alertness.

FITNESS PRE & POST WORKOUT: Improves flexiblity, helps increase calorie burn, enhances recovery and fitness benefits.

30 min session for $5

One month unlimited $40